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Plataforma PiP


For our spoiled passengers we have the best prices on the market without dynamic rates, in addition to super attractive functions, you can book services immediately or for a later date, you can create a profile linked to your company so that your company can pay for the services of transport when they are working, you can share a personalized Invitation Code with your friends or family and when it completes its first service you will receive your award, you can book services for other people, you can use discount coupons on your trips, pay in cash or With cards, you can add up to a maximum of three stops in the same trip, rent a vehicle with a driver, share the trip with someone else to reduce costs, and many more functions, but I want you to discover them using our application.

Unlike all the other applications that you find in the market, ours has been created based on the experience gained over 20 years transporting people through different public and private figures, our CEO has been on the road behind that steering wheel It knows in detail the needs of our drivers, which is why the space in our app is limited, thus guaranteeing a balance that others do not take into account, it also makes other tools available to us, such as a telephone exchange 24 hours a day, 365 days a day. year, its own radio frequency, parking, and of course, a powerful application like Plataforma PiP.

Our subscription system that gives access to different extra functions makes us number one in the country, more and more people are becoming Plataforma PiP, drivers, generating more and better income for their families.

We put at your disposal the numbers

Central America +506 8669 6969

United States & Canada +1 407 965 6446

You can also write to us at support@piprides.com with other platforms, you are part of the lot, but with us you are the most important, here all your complaints, comments, suggestions and attention calls are well attended and all are given due process until they are successful since thanks to this we can feed on your needs and improve our platform day by day.

Costa Rica International Business gives you the warmest welcome.

We look forward to continuing to serve you in the best way for many years to come.