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Plataforma PiP App & Website Behavior Guide

We want the Plataforma PiP App & Website to be pleasant and safe for everyone. Here you will learn about the ground rules, who are designed to ensure that both users and drivers have a five-star trip when using the Plataforma PiP App & Website. Please take a moment to read them, because whether you are a user trying to travel from one point to another, or a driver who wants to earn money while driving using the application, your behavior is important.


  1. We all value our personal space and our privacy. It is okay to talk with other people in the vehicle, but we recommend you avoid commenting on someone's appearance or asking if they are single or other personal questions. As a user, if you need to make a phone call, keep your voice low to avoid disturbing your driver, or other users. Do not touch or try to seduce other people in the vehicle. As a reminder, Plataforma PiP App & Website has a rule of zero sexual approaches and zero sexual harassment. That means that there can be no sexual behavior with drivers or other users, regardless of the reason.
  2. Only adults can have a user account on Plataforma PiP App & Website. If your child is a minor and wants to take a trip, you should always be with him. If you wish to include your child in the trip, please review all applicable laws, including those relating to the use of child seats.
  3. Treat your traveling companions and other drivers as you would like them to treat you: with respect. It is an elementary courtesy not to shout, not to say rudeness, not to lash the door of the vehicle. By leaving the vehicle clean - either by removing your garbage, or cleaning up an accident like a spilled drink - you will keep it in good condition and you will make sure that the next person also has a pleasant trip. Most important of all, remember that when you use the Plataforma PiP App & Website you will meet people who may seem different or think differently from you. Please respect those differences. We want everyone to feel welcome when using the Plataforma PiP App & Website.
  4. Everyone wants to go from one place to another safely. Whether you are in the front seat or in the back seat, we recommend you always use the seat belt when you enter the vehicle. Always follow and comply with local law. Weapons are strictly prohibited for both users and drivers. You can learn more by consulting our security tips for users. Of course, application drivers have a responsibility when it comes to security in terms of the services, they provide using the Plataforma PiP App & Website. This means complying with the traffic laws and regulations that apply to the place where they provide their services, for example: respecting the speed limit, not sending text messages while driving, always using a support accessory for your phone, and Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are driving and you feel tired, take a break. As experts say, "sleep is the only true preventive measure against the risks of drowsy driving."


Plataforma PiP App & Website

Your behavior while using the Plataforma PiP App & Website can have a great impact on the safety and comfort of drivers, as well as your fellow travelers. Courtesy is important. That is why it is expected and recommended that you use your good judgment and behave decently with other people in the vehicle while traveling using the Plataforma PiP App & Website just like you would in any other public place.

These are some of the reasons why you might lose access to the Plataforma PiP App & Website as a user:

  1. Physical contact with the driver or with other users. As this document indicates to our community, it is not advisable to touch or try to seduce other people in the vehicle. As a reminder, Plataforma PiP App & Website does not encourage any type of sexual approach. In this sense, the recommendation is that there is no sexual behavior with drivers of the application or with other users, regardless of the reason. It is also not permissible to hit or damage the physical integrity of a driver of the application, or another user.
  2. Use of inappropriate and abusive language or gestures. For example, ask personal questions, use verbal threats, and make comments or gestures that are considered aggressive, sexual, discriminatory, or disrespectful.
  3. Unwanted contact with the driver or a fellow traveler after the trip. For example, send text messages, call, contact social networks, or visit someone in person after a trip has ended. Remember that in most countries you can call and send text messages to your driver directly from the Plataforma PiP App & Website, without having to share your personal phone number. This means that your phone number remains anonymous and is never given to the driver.
  4. Plataforma PiP App & Website prohibits users and drivers from carrying firearms in a vehicle while using our application. If you commit a violation of the Plataforma PiP App & Website firearms prohibition guidelines, you will lose your access to the app.
  5. In compliance with local and international laws for non-discrimination, in Plataforma PiP App & Website-there are zero tolerances towards discrimination of any kind. This means that you will lose access to your account if it is discovered that you have discriminated against drivers or other users because of their race, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age, or any other characteristic protected.
  6. Fraudulent or illegitimate behavior undermines the trust in which Plataforma PiP App & Website is built. Based on the terms and conditions of use of the app, it is possible to deactivate any account associated with this type of activity, including abuse in promotions, collusion between the user and the driver, dispute rates for fraudulent or illegitimate reasons, or accounts duplicates.
  7. According to the different local legislations, when using the application of Plataforma PiP App & Website it is not allowed to use drugs or consume alcohol by drivers while driving, if derived from these activities a breach of the agreed terms and conditions is detected, the account of the driver could be deactivated.
  8. Based on the provisions of the agreed Terms and Conditions, the driver's account that is associated with fraudulent activities will be deactivated, which may include: deliberately increasing the time or distance of a trip, accepting trips without the intention of completing them, including causing users to cancel, the creation of fictitious users or false driver accounts for fraudulent purposes; claim of fraudulent fees or charges such as false cleaning fees, and intentionally accept or complete fraudulent or forged travel.

Classification of Stars (Drivers & Passengers)

After each trip, drivers and users have the possibility to rate each other on a scale of one to five stars, as well as give feedback on how they did on their trip. This bidirectional system makes everyone responsible for their behavior. Drivers can see their classification given by their users in the "Qualifications" tab.

How is my driver rating calculated? Your score is based on an average of the number of post-trip stars your users gave you (from 1 to 5 stars), up to the last 100 trips evaluated, or on the total number of trips you have provided if it is less than 100 (The application does not qualify the driver, this is qualified by its users.)

The easiest way to maintain the high average rating given by your users is by providing good service on each trip. Drivers who use the Plataforma PiP App & Website application often offer excellent service, so most trips are carried out smoothly. But we know that sometimes a trip may not be as good, that's why we only take into account your average rating in the 100 most recent qualified trips (or the total of your trips, if less than 100). This gives you the opportunity to improve over time.

Cancellation Fee for drivers

Cancellation of the driver is when you accept a travel request and then cancel the trip. However, when providing an independent service, you have the possibility to cancel a trip after having accepted it, cancellations can create a bad experience for the user and negatively affect other drivers. We understand that there may be times when an unforeseen event occurs and an accepted trip must be canceled, but minimizing cancellations is essential for the reliability of the system. Remember that, as an independent service provider, you can disconnect from the app at any time when you decide you can close your session when you do not have the possibility or do not want to accept travel requests from users.

How is my cancellation fee calculated? Your cancellation fee is based on the number of trips canceled from the total number of trips you accept. (For example, if you have accepted 100 trips and 10 of them are canceled, your cancellation fee would be 10%). As a reference, application drivers that have a high level of quality in their services usually have a cancellation rate of less than 5%.

What leads you to lose access to your account? Each city has a maximum cancellation rate, based on the average cancellation rate of drivers in that area. We can share with you your cancellation fee if it is much higher, or if you are canceling above the average of other drivers in your city, after which your driver account can be deactivated based on the Terms and Conditions that we have agreed to from start. If your cancellation fee continues to exceed the maximum limit, you may lose access to your account.

Acceptance Rate for drivers

The high acceptance rates are a critical part of reliable and high-quality service, but not accepting travel requests will not cause the permanent loss of your account as, as a provider of independent services, you have the possibility to accept those trips you want to take according to the operation of the application or not accept when you are unable to do so.

The constant acceptance of travel requests helps to maximize the income of the drivers and keeps the system running smoothly. We know that sometimes there are unforeseen events that prevent accepting each travel request, or you may want to take a break, but not accepting trips causes delays and degrades the reliability of the system. What is recommended is that, if you do not want to accept trips, simply log out and close your session.

If you consistently decline travel requests, we will assume that you do not wish to accept further trips and may be disconnected from the application and that your account may be disabled based on the Terms and Conditions you accepted to use the Plataforma PiP App & Website.

If you have some questions or inquiries about the website or application you can send an email to These are some of the most used rules on Plataforma PiP, but as a complement to the Terms & Conditions, Private Policy, Cookies Policy, Disclaimer, it is your responsibility to read these documents with regularity.  

We are the direct link between the community and our developers, our work focuses on facilitating more and more the coexistence between people who need transportation and the drivers affiliated with our platform.

We want you to know that we feed on all your comments, queries, doubts, suggestions, complaints, as this makes our application grow.

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